Pluto AI

No more scrolling through endless bookmarks

PlutoAI helps you save interesting stories and automatically organizes them using tags, and categories making it easy for you to revisit them later.



Go from messy bookmarks to organized collections

Never lose track of your saved articles ever again. Effortlessly, save, manage, and revisit
content — in one beautifully organized space.

Save stuff from the 
internet and find it fast

PlutoAI automatically organizes your saved content 
using tags and categories, making it easy to find 
them later.

Learn quickly with content highlights

PlutoAI automatically generates summaries 
and snippets for quick learning

Discover your reading 

Get insights about your reading habits, 
favorite topics, time spent on content
valuable listening hours, and more.

Share your favorite picks

Easily share your favorite content collections 
with family, friends, and colleagues.

The ultimate tool for bookmarking your everyday needs!

Content creators
Save, sort and share your contents with your followers easily
  • Save items across internet in just one click
  • Save multiple media types
  • Group them together in collections
  • Share with your followers
Share your work links easily with your teams and clients
  • Save the designs as bookmarks
  • Group them categorically in collections
  • Share the collections with your teams to view
  • Update and share the final set of designs and relating documents with your client
Business Owners
Save and manage all your important links in a single dashboard
  • Add quick links on the dashboard for easy access
  • Save all the docs and links for different teams as separate collections
  • Share respective collections only with assigned team members
  • Easily add or remove team members to collections
  • Use AI summarization to move through long documents and take quick decisions
Organise your browser, save the important docs and use AI to speed up your research work
  • Use the tab manager to manage your multiple open tabs
  • Save your important sessions open all tabs in a single click
  • Save and group documents together as collections for easy reference
  • Comment on documents and invite your team to collaborate to speed up your research work
100% privacy and security, at all times.

Unleash Productivity without compromising your privacy

  • Unlike other services, we never share your private information. Through real-time data retrieval using secure APIs, your data always remains safe.

  • With strict access controls, only you have the power to access the information you've saved.

  • Our transparent privacy policy outlines exactly how your information is used and protected.